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Mr Chris Rutherford, Drama Department, Brigidine College, St Ives

"The Talent Co bring a wealth of industry experience for teaching students about approaching auditions and working with scripts in order to leave an impression on screen. Their professionalism was evident throughout the six-week workshop, not only in the warm but direct manner they mentored the students but in their level of organisation. Toni and Raelee surpassed our expectations, providing detailed, specific feedback to the students about their performances to allow them to see a development in their own skills and technique. Their screen acting course neatly reinforced our senior curriculum Drama program and moved beyond this to offer our students practical advice about working in the television and film industry." 

Senior drama student, Brigidine College, 17

"The screen acting course was undoubtedly a fulfilling, enjoyable experience that I really appreciate undergoing. In term of skills I have developed, I've definitely learnt how quickly I can memorise a script, how to approach and present myself at a casting and how to answer possible questions that may be asked, and how to assess and work with advice given by professionals. The course was valuable  for me as a performer as I was able to grow closer to a small group of good friends, and we were able to honestly critique and understand each other's acting in an effort to improve our own. I learnt how to act and express the same level of emotion when I no longer have a space as big as an entire stage, another really important skill that I'd never thought about before. Toni and Raelee were really lovely, and I loved how kindly they delivered their critique, never neglecting to also mention the things we'd done well so as to ensure positive reinforcement. Overall, I really do think the course was valuable, and an experience I can really treasure."

William, 16


"Thank you so, so much for organising this workshop and allowing me to participate in it! I felt that I learnt a lot and had some great fun as well, it was definitely time well spent! I’m glad we were able to work together, and I was surprised at how much I got out from listening to the audition scripts of others.


If you and Toni are to ever have another drama workshop in the future, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with both of you again!"


Shona, mother of student
"I just wanted to say thank you very much, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day with the two of you today.  She came out with a huge smile on her face.  I was excited about this course when I saw it in the Manly Daily ... it’s not just about acting.  It’s about self confidence and the ability to handle oneself in various situations.  These are life skills as well as a move in the right direction to assist with any future acting.  Just wanted to give you some feedback, she had fun."
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